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So, you have purchased an NFT card template and are thinking of what’s next. It’s easy and let us help you today! Most likely, the file you have downloaded is in vector file format – .AI (Adobe Illustrator) / . EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) or .SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). At, we use EPS files, an industry-standard for vector file formats.

Programs to open .AI or .EPS formats

There are many vector editing software online that you can use online. Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard for editing vector files.

Adobe Illustrator

Opening the blank card file

Let us open up one of our NFT card mockup. Here you can find 3 different layers, background, artwork and top layer. You will need to unlock the artwork layer, by clicking the lock symbol in the layers panel.

Removing the mockup graphics

Click on the existing graphic that you might find upon opening the NFT template and delete it away. Now you will be left with an empty card.

Change any text that you can find on the card

Double click on the mockup template text and replace them with your own, you can also change their colors too.

Opening your artwork

Placing your artwork to the NFT card vector template

Next, place your NFT artwork by placing your NFT into the layer. You may need to adjust the size and position of your artwork.

Saving your file

Good job! Next, you will need to save your file to PNG format in order to convert your image to an NFT.

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